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Meet us at the PackExpo 14-17 October 2018 in Chigaco

Meet us at the PackExpo 2018 in Chicago. We will be presenting the latest developments in robotic pick and place solutions for the Bakery, Confectionery, Snacks and pre-packed Food industries. 

Personal development staff at PWR Pack

Development is an ongoing process within PWR Pack. In order to keep up with the market the company needs to keep improving their solutions and also their staff. The development of the staff is an ongoing project within PWR Pack and is named CORE. Because the government recognizes the importance of the development of staff the European Social Funds have decided to support PWR Pack in this process.

PWR Pack will expand to America with innovative Robotic Pick and Place systems

The company offers flexible and efficient packaging solutions for a variety of food products including bakery, confectionery, snacks and pre-packed goods. With its innovative and efficient Pick and Place solutions for the food sector, PWR Pack International B.V. from Ede is planning to expand its business to American and Australia. Click here to continue reading how PWR Pack is planning to expand its business internationally. The original article appeared in the newspaper Gelderlander (Ondernemer) on 13 November 2017, page 16.